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cute fawn pug

My name is Lil Pickles Da Pug. You can call me Pickles.

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Since you’re here, I should probably tell you about myself. I’m a one-and-a-half-year-old fawn pug, and I live with my mommy in Toronto, Canada. Me and my mommy have a lot of adventures together.

Every day, me and Mommy take naps and eat snackies together. My favourite snackies are cheese, cheese, and more cheese! We also love going for walks, taking pictures for Instagram, and playing with my toys. When Mommy isn’t looking, I like playing with toilet paper and nibbling on people’s toes. At our house, the shenanigans never stop!

fawn pug with huge neck rolls

I’m a dog model, and I love flaunting my fabulous neck rolls on camera. My mommy takes a lot of pictures of me. Who doesn’t like pictures of cute pugs?

Currently, I’m a model for BadTags. I won their Brand Model Contest on Instagram. Here’s one of my modelling pictures:

I’m also a model for Love Dog Bling. I won their Beautiful Pets Club competition on Instagram, and now I model their adorable bow ties. Here’s one of my modelling pictures:

fawn pug with cute bow tie

That’s all for now, furrends! You should take a look around my website or head over to my Instagram.

CKC Purebred Pug 
Dog Model | Brand Ambassador | Product Promoter & Reviewer
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